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Gain Confidence In Oils

Gain Confidence In Oils

Now that you have acquired the basic knowledge for painting in Oils, it is time to apply those techniques in real time on a subject you might want to paint at home.

The challenge at this stage of your learning is to keep the motivation going and not fall into procrastination.

The best way is to enrol in a further six consecutive weeks to keep the momentum going as it is fresh in your mind.
This is the best way to secure enough confidence before continuing at home in your own painting space.


  • To complement your acquired learning from the 8-week Foundation in Oils course
  • To gain confidence and be ready to paint on your own

What will I learn

Learn the basic technique for painting still life, seascape and fabric:

  • Painting a subject containing fabric in monochrome
  • Opaque and transparent colours
  • Applying Oil colour layering and glazing

Starting a new project:

  • Choosing the right support from a variety of options (canvas, board, paper, etc)
  • Understanding the process of composition
  • Choosing a subject
  • Planning the development stages from beginning to completion of your painting


  • Painting a subject containing fabric in monochrome from a photo provided
  • Starting your new project from your choice of photo or images
  • Applying colour over the monochrome fabric with glazing
  • Completing your own painting project, learning about varnishing and framing

Who is this course suitable for

While priority is given to students who have completed the 8-week Foundations in Oils course, this course is suitable for anyone with a basic practical understanding of Oil colours and their application

Terms & Conditions

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

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