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Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways

"Anyone can paint if they are given the right instructions.” - Marcel Desbiens, Master Artist and Principal Tutor

Marcel has designed Learning Pathways to give students the structure they need, as they develop from novice to advanced artist.

If you have never picked up any art materials before, you will be able to find the classes you need to take you from an introduction to the medium, designed for absolute beginners, through to developing the basic skills and becoming confident using them in a studio environment, right up to furthering your technical development in our weekend workshops where classes are run by professional and practising artists.

This means you can build the pathway that is suitable to your skill level, budget and timeframe.

You will find all the details below and we hope to see you on your own pathway very soon.

Oil Pathways

Acrylic Pathways

Watercolour Pathways

Drawing Pathways

Pastel Pathways