Information about the Coronavirus: COVID-19

In keeping with public health concerns, Bienarté - the Home of Brisbane Painting Classes - closed its studio practice from March until June 2020, with classes and workshops postponed.

We are now re-opening in line with Government advice and would like to thank all the students and tutors who sent us messages of support and helped us through this period.

Face-to-face classes on site at our Albion studios have resumed with strict guidelines – we keep everyone updated through our newsletter and our website, including all new workshop schedules.

Remember to look after yourselves and each other. Even if you are isolated at home, you can still draw everyday – just look at the view outside your window, or include your window frame and room in a drawing or painting – plenty of artists have used their homes for inspiration and now more than ever we need to keep connected to the world of creativity!

Take care,
Marcel & Yasmin