Play with Acrylics for 4 weeks | Jenni Kelly Bienarté

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Play with Acrylics for 4 weeks | Jenni Kelly

Play with Acrylics for 4 weeks | Jenni Kelly

About this course

Be prepared to scrape, spray, fling, throw, roll and glaze paint!
This is a four-week course to introduce artists to some creative and fun acrylics methods. In other words - "PLAY WITH ACRYLICS!" You will leave the course with a greater understanding of Acrylics and a new-found confidence. The course will involve colour discussion application of paint and design.

What will I learn?

You will learn to let loose and to be creative. You will explore and discover various of ways to paint using unconventional methods of painting with some unusual tools!

Who is this workshop suitable for?

This is suitable for all levels of experience including absolute beginners.

What do I need to bring?

Any medium size canvas 20x24" (51x61cm) or 24" (61cm) square.  Jenni Kelly suggests Art Shed or Bargain City store for an affordable Mont Marte canvas.

ACRYLIC PAINTS - any good brand such as Atelier, Matisse.  Most of the following colours are Atelier. 
Tube size will be adequate

• Dioxazine Purple
• Titanium White
• Ultramarine Blue
• Phthalo Blue
• Jaune Brilliant
• Brilliant Magenta
• Turquoise Light hue
• Aqua Light
• Permanent Green Light
• Pale gold (metallic paint)
1 white sample pot size. (You can find this at a place like Bunnings)

Other items to bring:
• Old Credit Cards.
• A few assorted pastels/ charcoal for sketching image onto canvas
• 1 large palette knife, approximately 4cm x 10cm length
• A few flat bristle brushes. Various sizes between 1 and 12
• 1 house brush to varnish. (We can share).
• Water spray bottle, chux rags, and a good size water container.

What is provided?

• Tea and Coffee (please bring your own cup)
• A friendly, supportive and encouraging learning environment
• connection to the Bienarté art community

About the Tutor

Jenni achieves a realistic expression in her creative freestyle painting leaving the viewer free to exercise their own imagination. These paintings have an appealing sense of colour, freedom and movement with subjects close to nature. Jenni regularly exhibits throughout Australia including 21 paintings hanging throughout the Holy Spirit Hospital at Chermside Brisbane.
Jenni is basically self-taught and is constantly improving her skills by attending other artists workshop.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.